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Athirah Yusoff
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Im sorry if i disappoint you . Do you know how it feels like to be lonely and jealousy is taking over you . I dont have the rights to be angry . I do not have the rights to be jealous . Heck i dont even have the rights to feel anything . Im sorry i hurt myself , i cant help it , its a habit i cant stop . I need help , i really do want help but at the same time i feel like people dont genuinely care and i push people away . Do you know how frustrating that feels like ? How angry you feel towards yourself . If i could i would punch myself in the face . Im fucked up im sucha messed im bipolar im bulimic i have an attitude problem im fucking fat . These are heard by my own ears by people i care about how could i even be around you guys . I feel like a monster . Im just too sticked up rude as fuck and a horrible friend . People leave me . I cant be a girl i act like a guy . Im depressed . People makr fun of my scars . People make fun of me and him . People remind me of my mistake with him . My pride dignity and hope is all lost . I feel like people look down on me . Our friends seemed to hate my attitude me . Saying im hot tempered and all . Im too sensitive . Im way toooo sensitive to be around people i wanna stay away at the same time i want company . Im just really lonely . Its hard . Its really hard . I dont know what to do . I tried changing , changing doesnt help . Nothing helps . Im sucha loser . Im nothing but a piece of dirt . A shit head desperate whore . You know how it feels like to want to die . You want to die but you have no courage to do that and you’re not prepared , its not easy , you feel numb . I cant even cry now , even if i feel sad or angry all i can do is feel the lump in my heart . Depressed ? Idk if i am . Idk if i need help idk if im overreacting . I am maybe . Everything i do is wrong everywhere i go people seemed to hate me , im a burden a huge lump of burden . People dont like me . You’re saying all this because you’re guilty for seeing all those scars . Im sorry . I should have hid them better . I shouldnt have been so open about them . Its pretty sad and depressing but hey , Its okay . Nobody seemed to like me . Idk who to trust . I seemed lost . Im babbling alot im sorry you told me to let it out . I am and its noy even half or a quarter of the things . Yet im already a burden to you and i bet you dont know what to reply . You dont have to , you’ve been there for me enough . I have not and im Sorry . Im Just sorry for being sucha bitch . Im sorry amirah .